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The Vault Community Night October 19

With all of the renovations complete the Vault is hosting a community night on October 19.


Michele Witzke with the Vault indicates it will be a night of family fun with food and games or all ages. She hopes everyone who was involved with the renovations will come out to see what their hard work manifested.



Witzke indicates they will have plenty of activities available for families. Student leaders will also be available to give tours of the Vault and to answer any questions the community may have.



The Community Night is Saturday, October 19 from 5-8 pm.

Winter Could Be Very Cold, Wet Again

Another cold and wet winter could be on the horizon in central Illinois.


Last year was brutally cold and very wet to start the year and more of the same is being predicted right now. Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln says they are about a week away from a long term winter outlook but right now things are showing a warmer start but then a cold and wet January through March.



The last few years have seen late starts to the summer season and then a late start to the winter season. A shift in the seasons is not likely as of right now. Miller says right now they are showing maybe a short spring transitioning to the warm weather of summer.



While it's still a ways away, Miller says they aren't seeing anything to suggest a white Christmas. In fact, he points out, snow is on the ground for Christmas only 30-percent of the time. 

When you come out to the Apple n' Pork Festival, the baked potatoes you see everyone walking around benefit the Clinton YMCA Otter swim program.


According to Darren Moser, the money they raise selling loaded baked goes to make the program as inexpensive as possible for their swimmers.



Swim programs can be expensive and Moser says their costs are very low thanks to the Apple n' Pork Festival. If they did not have the festival to fundraise from, they would definitely have to do more fundraising throughout the season.



According to Moser, they are around 70-75 members and points out they have about a third of those youth coming from Monticello and Piatt County. He indicates they have had a lot of success as they have won three straight small team state titles and are hoping for their fourth title this year. 


Get more information by searching for "Clinton Otters" on Google. 


Swimmers will converge on the YMCA on Saturday, December 14 for the annual Clinton YMCA Reindeer Classic.

Some progress being made in expanding rural broadband in Illinois. Two projects just received word of USDA funding.



Douglas Wilson serves as State Director of Illinois for USDA Rural Development.

An effort in the Fall Veto session at the statehouse will be to cap the out of pocket costs for insulin at $100 per patient per month.


The bill has a co-sponsor in the House and Senate and the backing of Governor JB Pritzker. Maddie Shalin, a 16-year-old type 1 diabetic, says she uses three to four vials of insulin a month. Her family's insurance helps but they still hit out of pocket maximums and deductibles every year. Maddie says she isn’t slowed down by a lack of access given the costs but knows other people are.



According to data released by the state in 2001 a vial of insulin cost between $35 to $40 and now it costs $270 to $289.

Anglers should be ready to toss a line this weekend for the opening of state’s trout season. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says go to their website for a list of lakes and streams that have been stocked with fish.


Rachel Torbert says early catch and release has been going on for the past few weeks but now you can keep what you catch.



DNR dot ILLINOIS dot GOV will have the trout fishing information for this weekend.

The Kenney Civic League has long sold their cinnamon rolls and apple danishes to further their efforts in the small DeWitt County community.


Charlotte Holland explains they want to raise money to host their Kenney Fall Festival. She notes they want to provide everything they can free of charge for their community.



The Kenney Civic League not having the Apple n' Pork Festival has not been much of a thought for the group but Holland reflects on the many things they can do thanks to the work they're able to accomplish each year.



Holland calls the group blessed as they receive a great deal of support from their community. She says not only do they get support from residents still in town but they also get a lot of support from those that send them funds for their fall festival that have, for whatever reason, left the community. 

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