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President Trump is vowing to block an auto emissions rule in California that would put in place stricter regulations than at the federal level. Meanwhile, world leaders are preparing to meet in New York City for the U.N.'s landmark climate summit. Mark Hertsgaard, environmental correspondent for The Nation, joins CBSN to discuss what could be the most significant week for climate change since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

The CBS Evening News series, Eye on America: Separated & Counting, shows how families continue to be separated at the border. Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez joins CBSN preview tonight's story about a father who was reunited with his 3-year-old six months after he was taken from him.

A new national Democratic primary poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren breaking away from the large field of candidates. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post joined CBSN to break down some of the takeaways from the poll.

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