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Inside Russia's troll factory

When Russia targeted the 2016 election, hacking emails was just one aspect. It was later revealed that thousands of fake social media posts were aimed at American voters. Elizabeth Palmer and Paula Reid explain.

One day after the top findings of the special counsel report were released, Democrats are lining up more investigations. This comes as President Trump and his supporters go on the offensive. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN with the latest on the report and a Mr. Trump campaign memo aimed at the media.

Avocado recall hits 6 states

Henry Avocado, a grower and distributor based near San Diego, is voluntarily recalling whole avocados over possible listeria contamination. The company's recall covers conventional and organic avocados grown and packed in California. The company said they were sold in bulk across California, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

Officials in Norway want to know why a cruise ship set sail despite warnings of rough weather. More than 1,300 people were on board when the ship was tossed by big waves. Roxana Saberi reports.

Trump softens stance on Mueller

For the first time in 22 months, President Trump was not under the cloud of the Mueller report. While the president blasted those involved in the investigation, he softened his criticism of Robert Mueller. Paula Reid reports.

Trump raises money off Mueller report

President Trump appears to be taking a victory lap after a summary of the Mueller report found no evidence of collusion with Russia. The Trump campaign is raising money off the Mueller report. Major Garrett explains.

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